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Tech Bulletin Integrated Mag Switch (IMS) Replacement


Be sure to follow proper safety techniques as outlined by your shop or employer. This includes wearing safety glasses and gloves at all times, and disconnecting the vehicle’s batteries during any repair of the starting system.

The components listed below may continue to have power supplied to them even when the ignition switch is off. Use extreme caution at all times.

IMS Removal Instructions:

  1. Remove the starter from the vehicle:  Remove the vehicle’s battery, ground, and switch cables from the starter. Remove three starter mounting bolts. Get the starter installation guide from Guides & Downloads for complete removal instructions.
  2. Disconnect Integrated Mag Switch (IMS) cables from the B, Sw, and Ground terminals. These terminal locations are shown below.
  3. Remove screws connecting IMS to starter’s drive housing.

IMS Replacement Instructions

  1. Mount new IMS in old switch’s location using two IMS screws provided with the replacement kit.
  2. Re-connect leads from IMS to starter’s terminals as shown below:
    • Connect longest lead to ground terminal
    • Connect short lead with the small connector to solenoid’s SW terminal
    • Connect lead with white stripe to solenoid’s B terminal
  3. Torque all connections to values shown below

IMS Replacement Data

IMS ScrewBGroundIMSSWMounting Bolts
Starter Diagram 1

This diagram details the removal and replacement of the IMS for the following starters:

PC1779, PC1879, VV0279, VV0776, VV2079, MK2078, FL1179, and FL0777


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