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Setting the industry standard for over 15 years, Peterbilt, Kenworth, International, Freightliner, Volvo, and Mack have made the Mitsubishi Electric DP S55 HD Starter their standard starter of choice with confidence. Mitsubishi Electric heavy duty starters are standard equipment on most Class 8 truck manufactured in North America today, and an option on the others. Please refer to the table below for the latest spec book order codes to ensure you are getting a Mitsubishi Electric starter.

Specification Information

The order codes provided below are for information only and may be changed at any time by the manufacturer. Please check with your dealer to confirm that you are ordering your truck with a Mitsubishi Electric starter.

This form will dynamically populate each step based upon your previous selections.  Simply choose the correct option in numerical order, and the final Order Code field will only have one choice left.  That final option will be your OE Order Code.

OE Spec Codes

Download the OE Spec Codes.

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