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Knowledge Base

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a starter with a rotatable nose cone?

Answer:  No, all of our starters are genuine OEM product, because starters with rotatable nose cones do not meet the OEM requirements, MEAA does not have any in our Heavy Duty Aftermarket line.

Do you have a hinge/J180 mount alternator?

Answer:  No, MEAA has only been offering heavy duty alternator in North America since 2012 and has not developed a product for J180 applications.

Why don’t you need OCP?

Answer: Our starters draw less current than our competition while provide the torque need to crank the engine.  The lower current draw allows longer cranking time without damaging the starter.

How do you convert an OCP starter to a Melco?

Answer: The OCP harness needs to be shorted.  You can watch the video below.

How are cores handled if the part you are replacing has a core charge?

Answer: None of starters or alternators have a core charge.  Everything we sell through our Diamond Gard aftermarket program is new manufactured product.  Check with your local remanufacturer to see if they are willing to purchase your core.

Is the warranty transferable?

Answer: Yes, the warranty remains on the starter or alternator independent of who owns the truck.

When does the warranty start?

Answer: The warranty starts on the date of installation.

How can you offer such a robust warranty?

Answer: We offer such a robust warranty because of the high quality of our product.  Mitsubishi Electric receive less than 0.5% warranty submittal rate over the 3 year warranty period allowing us to cover claims that are not covered by other manufacturers.